My name is Luis Manuel Guzman, I've always been fascinated with building automation, creating my own toys and making them move. I started working as Sr. Software Engineer creating videos and metadata automation. Eventually the passion for electronics, mechanics and programming was burning. I started robotics as a hobby, the more I researched, the more complex and detailed my projects got. I started thinking about creating a startup company, and this is where I am now. For the past few years I’ve been working on different robotic projects, but my main product is ZEUS 2Q, a humanoid robot that can walk, talk, and follow instructions. This has been an ongoing project that has required a lot of time and effort, but for me is a one man dream and contribution to the world.

the team

ZEUS 2Q was created and built entirely by Luis, an engineer with a passion for electronics, mechanics and programming. Along the way, many freelancers have come on board to help with tasks such as engineers, specialists, sourcing, and R.O.S development.


CRIOS is a simple hexapod bot originally developed by Luis Guzman and now being developed into a learning kit for The Maker Station Makerspace in Marietta, GA.  CRIOS is an Open Source robot, If you want to build your own here is how:  CLICK on image to learn how to build CRIOS


We are committed to STEM education, encouraging young generations to love, live, and experiment with different technologies. We work hand to hand with different organizations as IEEE and local Packs and Troops from Boy Scouts of America, presenting our own projects, and teaching school age children basic skills to develop their own. We have support robotic competitions, given guidance to the students with designing and programming. We also enjoy presenting in our local Science and Maker Fairs.
IEEE Atlanta Section K-12 2020
IEEE Atlanta Section K-12 2020
IEEE Atlanta Section K-12 2019
Boy Scouts STEM Program 2019
Boy Scouts STEM Program 2019
Atlanta Maker Faire 2019
Meeting Grant Imahara during Rise Up Robots. Georgia Tech 2018
Teckno SquadRobotics 2018
First Robotics Competition 2018
IEEE Atlanta Section 2018
Atlanta Science Festival 2016
AGE OF TURING - Online Interactive game 2015



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